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Land Planning & Design, Inc. - Thomas B. Moss, Landscape Architect

Playgrounds & Park Designs - Construction by Tom Moss, Landscape Architect

Our playgrounds & park designs are meant to encourage healthy 'kids' of any age to be active, discover nature, and have fun! Tom Moss takes pride in the designs he has created for parks, day care centers and schools. After the playgrounds & park design is complete, then comes the construction work. Check out our gallery of playgrounds & park construction projects.

  • Outdoor Activities, designed by Tom Moss
    An Outdoor Amphitheater Under Construction For Future Outdoor Activities
  • Children Discovery Park designed by Tom Moss
    Entrance To The Down East Partnership For Children Discovery Park
  • Down East Partnership
    Sail Covered Stage At Down East Partnership for Children
  • Play Village - Playgrounds & Park Construction
    "Play Village" Under Construction At The Discovery Park
  • Playgrounds & Park Designs for childrens
    An Over-sized Checkers Board Is Ready For Play
  • Natural Surroundings, Outdoor Classrooms
    Outdoor Classrooms Help Connect Children To Their Natural Surroundings
  • Artifical Turf for Oodle Swing
    Large "Oodle Swing" With Artificial Turf As Fall Zone & Full Accessibility
  • Toddler Swing, Soft Plantings, Seating
    "Toddler Swing Area Surrounded By Soft Plantings And Seating For Adults